Bear Bags

Bear Bags

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Standard Features

  • Lightweight Dyneema Composite Fabric is stronger than steel
  • Roll top with buckle to keep out water, bugs, varmints…
  • Hook and Loop closure with easy-open tabs at the center
  • Waterproof fabric and seams. We don't suggest submerging!
  • Reinforced at all stress points with seams sewn and taped
  • Reflective strip on side to spot easily hanging at night
  • Hang loop to keep pressure off of buckle
  • Flat bottom to make loading easier 
  • Available in Clear 1.43 and White or Black 2.92 Dyneema
  • Free Rock Sack Included. We use offcuts and misprints to make our free rock sacks to reduce landfill waste. If you want a specific design you can order a rock sack separately for $6.



  • Sizes*
    • Large 8" x 3" x 16.5" - 6.5L
      • 1.43 Dyneema -  30.5 grams - $40
      • 2.92 Dyneema - $45
    • Huge 8.5" x 4" x 19" - 10.5L
      • 1.43 Dyneema - $45
      • 2.92 Dyneema - $50
    • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Standard Designs* - Free
  • Custom Print +$10 - Decorate with your own picture! Only on 1.43 or 2.92 White.


  • Throw rope + $12 - 50' at a weight of 28 grams - 1.75 mm UHMWPE line thin strong and slick!


*sizes, colors, and weights can vary slightly due to the custom hand-made nature of the products



    Returns, refunds and exchanges are accepted within 30 days (or maybe more if you're nice)


    $4 per order flat rate shipping anywhere in the US via USPS with tracking. Contact us for international shipping prices.


    Dyneema is light, waterproof, and stronger than steel by weight. It is a bit expensive and hard to work with, but the finished product makes it well worth it! The fabric is listed by weight in ounce per square yard of fabric.

    • .5 oz/sq yd - Extremely light and then fabric but still strong. Should not be used with sharp objects or for things that will take heavy wear.
    • .8 oz/sq yd - Thin and light. Great for clothing, toiletries, and other soft items. Waterproof except for the velcro enclosure at the top. Very easy to see through.
    • 1.43 oz/sq yd - slightly thicker fabric. Use for heavy items with sharper corners and bags that will get more wear and tear. Great for first aid kits, electronics, pocket knives and compasses. Less translucent but still able to see through even after printing
    • 2.92 oz/sq yd  - This fabric has a polyester face that makes it look more like a woven fabric. We use White and Black. The white can be printed and looks similar to printing on canvas.